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Life-changing smile transformations

Our Expertise

the orthodontist

Dr. Jeremiah Juson's passion is designing a smile that will bring out the best in you .  His treatment philosophy reflects his belief that a beautiful smile is more than just having straight teeth. He goes above and beyond braces and aligners to give you not only a functional bite, but  an artistic, long-lasting, stunning smile.


Dr. Juson underwent an Intensive Aligner Fellowship, a subspecialty to use Invisalign (and other aligners) in the most efficient and effective manner.  He personally customizes and designs your Invisalign treatment and checks every attachment used to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of each tray before they are being delivered onto your teeth.   Our practice uses intraoral scanners and cone beam computer tomography to obtain the most accurate findings and diagnosis to design each smile consistently. 
While there are thousands of  invisalign providers in  the New York City area few can offer the custom smile design, and ultimate experience at  The Orthodontist & Co.

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What makes us extra special?


The Orthodontist & Co. wants you to experience the ultimate journey to a life-changing, long-lasting beautiful smile using the latest technology and the most modern techniques. Experience the luxury of personalized service in our boutique practice. Early morning, evening and weekend hours are available in our Upper East Side and Long Island City clinic locations.

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The Orthodontist & Co. Smiles

Using the top intra-oral scanners in the market, we are able to capture your new smile and store it in the cloud.  This technology allows us to 3D print your smile in our state-of-the-art in-house lab and create new retainers when you break or lose them allowing you to preserve your smile for a long time - free for life!*

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