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Why choose the orthodontist & co.
for invisalign® ?

While we acknowledge that there are many places to get Invisalign, the experience, and most importantly, the result, can vary dramatically depending on where you choose treatment. At the Orthodontist & Co, Dr. Juson, is an experienced and certified Invisalign Specialist, who underwent an exclusive Invisalign Intensive Fellowship. Your treatment is artistically curated and specifically designed to make sure we deliver the best result. Using a low-dose 3D imaging and digital scanner, we capture the most accurate information to customize your treatment. Each Invisalign case comes with a virtual monitoring service**.  This allows your case to be monitored by Dr. Juson on each and every Invisalign tray to see your progress on each tray and inform when you can move to the next tray.  In this way, you are closely monitored, but you do not have to come to the clinic as often.
** Effective June 1, 2020**

invisalign® for adults

Invisalign cases are usually set up by a computer software and Invisalign technicians to align teeth. This often needs the expertise of a treating specialist to achieve the ideal arch form, alignment, smile arch development and a functional bite.   Dr. Juson builds each Invisalign case by meticulously planning each tooth movement - how they move, when they should move, and how much movement they need. He makes sure that every attachment placed on your teeth has a purpose and it is optimized to deliver the best and long-lasting result.

invisalign® teen

Invisalign Teen treatment the aligner solution designed for pre-teens or “tweenies” having  a mixture of permanent teeth and baby teeth. Tweenies are becoming more conscious of their appearance and  don’t like the “brace face” look. This allows them to  play musical wind instruments properly, play contact sports and eat any food they desire. More importantly, they can also floss and brush their teeth normally without the interference of wires and brackets. Invisalign Teen is a great option for our active Long Island City, Astoria, Upper East Side teens.

invisalign® First

Invisalign First is a great option for our children ages 7-10 who may need Early Orthodontic Treatment or Phase 1 Treatment. Some children may have dental growth and development issues causing  narrow arches, crowding and spacing.  The Orthodontist & Co. is proud to offer this treatment alternative to traditional appliances (e.g. expanders, head gears, face mask and metal braces) allowing our children to have better hygiene and comfort. This removable aligner feature  will make it easier for our children to brush and floss; as well as enjoy having no discomfort from rubbing brackets or pokey wires and still achieve predictable and great results.

Itero Scanner®

The iTero digital scanner creates a 3D image of your teeth in just minutes.  It captures  6000 images per second resulting in a more accurate and better aligner fit. The iTero scanner also eliminates the need for dental impressions using goopy material giving you a more comfortable experience.

SPARK Aligners

Spark Aligners offer the latest and best aligner technology to give Dr. Juson and the Orthodontist & Co team more control and flexibility.  The  advanced aligner technology and TruGEN™ material enable more sustained force retention and better surface contact with the tooth. Spark Aligners are also potentially clearer, more comfortable, and stain less than the leading aligner brand.  They have smoother, polished edges for enhanced patient comfort.  Spark Aligners allow Dr. Juson to integrate CBCT scans into the aligner software and offer the ability to choose different aligner thickness for different cases which can lead to a more predictable and precise treatment.  Spark Aligners can be a great alternative to Invisalign in many cases.

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