Working to have a beautiful and confident smile need not be heavy on your pocket book. Explore options available to fit your budget.

insurance coverage

Depending on the plans you choose, your insurance may cover your treatment fee either partially or in full.  The Orthodontist & Co is in-network with most PPO insurances and will offer you negotiated rates, so you can take advantage of these savings.  Please contact us to check how your dental insurance can help with the cost of your treatment.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Spending Account

Your employers may have an option for you to set aside money which you can use for orthodontic treatment. This is a great way for you to save on taxes and at the same time achieve the smile you've dreamed of.

No-interest in-house financing

This financing option is available to our patients who are looking to spread out payments over the course of treatment. Contact us to learn more.

Care Credit

Financing beyond the length of your treatment is also available through Care Credit.  Contact us to receive more information on this option.

Additional Savings

Take advantage of more savings if you pay your treatment in full, sign-up on the same day of the consultation or refer a family or friend who will start treatment with us.

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